Support Muslim Supermarket 212 MART

Let's Support Muslim Supermarket 212 MART

Prefix formation of Muslim supermarkets
Jakarta ( The strength of the spirit of Islam continues to inspire Islamic entrepreneurs who want to help other Muslim brothers. The strength of one brotherhood embodies the establishment of Muslim shop 212 mart (m212m) in smesco building, Jakarta on (14/12). Muslims and Muslims are invited through WA, the interests of Muslims are strong enough that no fewer than 500 people attend to listen to the explanations of micro-economists. And God willing, in January 212 the store will be able to operate immediately. God Willing hopefully according to plan. The establishment of a 212 mart Muslim business entity is immediately realized by a notary by establishing a PT, to support the administrative economy to be run next year.
Many People who are growing the success of the Muslim supermarket
Some figures such as Mrs. Asma Ratu Agung ISMI Pusat handed over the land certificate as a guarantor worth 15 Billion for the capital of PT road in the beginning. Not to forget Mr M. Yusus from Jakarta give waqof 6 his house in Jakarta to start the establishment of Muslim Supermarket 212 in the areas of Jakarta, Banten and Tangsel. A Notary Insya Allah Mahendradatta wife TPM give waqf herself to support the establishment of PT so soon realized Muslim Supermarket to keep the goods kosher to consumption also support the economy of Muslims. On the occasion also has been made directly halaqoh-halaqoh based on the area where the Muslim market was founded, so there is no excuse for the local authorities forbidding Muslims to establish the supermarket. Not only the trading system but also the IT system there is an IT expert who give waqof himself to make his system so that supermarkets can run according to the expected plan for the struggle of Muslim Indonesia.
Interested Join Store "M212M" Contact Contact Name And Number Listed
PB, Jakarta - The plan to run Muslim Store212Mart (M212M) is getting mature, even the plan to be executed appropriately by opening representatives in each area is more open, with the establishment of various representatives in West Java and Jakarta. M212M has the Vision of "Mandiri and Prosperous Muslim Community" with a mission to mobilize the potential of the Ummah to become the economic power of the people. Specializing market opportunities as widely as possible, and prospering people with economic independence. "We expect the Muslim community to fast shopping at Alfamart and Indomart, and we will invite the kiosk owners who have been partners Alfamart and Indomart to move to M212M," said Wishnu Aji one of the participants M212M. According to Wisnu Aji, this concept is as it was carried out when Abdurrahman bin Auf succeeded in defeating the Jewish-controlled market at the time of the Prophet. "So this is the Ummah market to subvert the market built by Asis and Foreign capitalists," he said. And with the capital of the Ummah who is spending Ummah and for business profit also to Ummah. This plan is expected to rebuild the economic power of the Ummah. The requirements that must be met for citizens who want to become financiers, by depositing a fund of Rp. 50 thousand and Maximum of 15 millions. With a capital breakdown of 5 percent owned by PT. Muslim One Two One Mart. The remaining 95 percent is controlled by the community. As for the main target with expected, one Mini Market M212M for every Bleeding, for District can reach 3 mini market M212M. While for each district can stand 10 mini markets. For citizens who want to participate in some areas can directly contact several coordinators in the area, following a list of names and contacts who can be contacted either through the social media group WhatsApp.
1. Depok Dr.Ir. Nanik Minarni, MM 0812803748352. Jakarta Utara Ummu Kalsum, SH 0813196897073. Jakarta Timur* Dody Haryadi 0812828138244. Jakarta Barat* Fauzan 0813830244155. Tangerang kota & kab.* Drs. H. M Said 0812834556776. Tangerang Selatan Hendry Siregar 081118644687. Jakarta Selatan Eri Heriawati 0812808518518. Serang Kota Hj. Hujaeri Sohari, Ir 0877720173999. Jakarta Pusat M. Yunus 08121332343 10. Bekasi Syarif Hidayat 08128355435 11. Bogor Bambang Subur 0816792229

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