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Unexpectedly, President Joko Widodo joined the action mob 212 to perform Friday prayers at Monas with the preacher Rizieq Shihab.

Afterwards, Jokowi goes on stage, greets the people. He thanked the protesters who carried out their actions in an orderly fashion. With the fanfare and festive reception, Jokowi also thanked for the prayers offered for the salvation of the nation.

The BBC's Heyder Affan reports that just after Jokowi left, Rizieq Shihab took the stage and led the crowd to sing Ahok's capture call with children's song, 'Planting Maize': "Capture, capture, capture in Ahok, capture the Ahok right now."

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In the same action on November 4, protesters questioned Jokowi to send vice-president Jusuf Kalla to meet representatives of demonstrates demanding Ahok's imprisonment for alleged blasphemy.

At that time, President Jokowi was arrested outside Jakarta after reviewing the MRT project at Cengkareng airport, and the difficulty of entering Jakarta during the riotous rally.

This time, the morning when the protests began, Jokowi reviewed the Asian Games construction project in GBK Bung Karno, Senayan Jakarta. And as it turned out, he returned to the Palace in time.

Also attending the Friday prayers, vice president Jusuf Kalla, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Wiranto, Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Saifuddin, and TNI Commander Gatot Nurmantyo.

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Initially, mentioned Friday prayers will be led by Chairman of the MUI, Maruf Amin. But the sermon was led by Rizieq Shihab, the FPI leader and a figure who is considered the prime mover of the Ahok criminal movement that gained momentum through this 411 and 212 action.

Rizieq Shihab is also regarded as a strong opponent of Jokowi - and can joke Jokowi openly.

Action 212 officially ends with the completion of Friday prayers. And more than 200 thousand participants have started to disperse.

Action in a number of cities

In addition to Jakarta, the protests demanding the capture of the Jakarta Governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama atao Ahok, also took place in several cities, but did not involve the mass.

A demo called '212 Prayer Action' was also conducted in a number of areas including Bandung, Banda Aceh and Medan.

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In Banda Aceh, the action was followed by dozens of participants and in addition to demanding the arrest of Ahok, they also demanded that the Indonesian government urged the Myanmar government to stop the Rohingya ethnic massacre, as reported by journalist there, Junaidi Hanafiah.

The demonstration did not reach North Sulawesi, said the journalist in Manado, Evangline Aruperes but local Billy Lombok regional council member Billy Lombok could give a message of peace that should be voiced.

"The way it needs to be understood as the way Indonesia is undergoing democracy ... The government's way of welcoming the process needs to be appreciated, and we are all grateful that there are elements of society that have channeled their aspirations," said Lombok.

Meanwhile, political analyst from Sam Ratulangi University Ferry Liando said all levels of society should be considered the same as the government, without specializing in certain groups.

"If you only select or specialize a particular group then the president is considered unfair and privileged a particular group, the quality of the demonstration is not determined on how many participants participated in the demonstration, but by the content or substance of the charges," Ferry said.


Demo 212 (Short Video)

Demo 212 (Full Video)

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