Free domain for Social Institutions

image Cbwebspace concern for the development of Islamic da'wah institutions, then we will give free domain extension COM, NET, ORG or INFO (please choose your own). This project is provided only to the following institutions:

  • Mosque or Mosque
  • Alquran Education Group, Tahfidz Group
  • Sie Spiritual School of Islam
  • Islamic Orphanage
  • Islamic boarding school

If there is another institution we have not mentioned please submit it in the comment field below. For the Islamic party while still not supported .. hehehe .. Sorry…

So what are the requirements to get the free domain? We ourselves do not want to be too difficult for you in getting a free domain, so hopefully this requirement is easy to do, if objection please be submitted in the comments field:

  1. Please order the domain you want.
  2. The domain name must clearly indicate the name of your institution, eg: or
  3. In Company Name state your institution name. Example: Masjid Al-Muhajirin Medayu
  4. Please email this free domain name using the support ticket above.
  5. If within a year the domain is well used, we will give you a free domain renewal and free Business plan (we will hold periodic review every month).

Hopefully these requirements are quite easy to implement. Each account may only request 1 domain only to avoid those who just want to take advantage of this moment for their personal benefit.

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